HumanConcepts OrgPlus Reader

HumanConcepts OrgPlus Reader

OrgPlus Reader is a program that allows you to read OrgPlus charts
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OrgPlus Reader is a free program that allows you to read OrgPlus charts. By using this program you will be able not only to view the charts generated with OrgPlus, but to use the data contained in them. You can view the charts choosing the levels you want to see. You can also look for someone in the chart, by typing a name or choosing a photo. It is possible to zoom in and out, view reports and comments or view several charts in cascade or stack views.

OrgPlus reader can print the displayed charts, and save them as OrgPlus 9 chart files or templates, OrgPlus 8 charts, XML or JPG files. The "other formats" option will let you choose even more formats for your target file. OrgPlus Reader will also allow you to export the data contained in the chart into an Excel spreadsheet, a Word document or a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

The program includes direct links to try and buy OrgPlus 9. The developers allow everyone to distribute this reader for free. This way you will be able to share your charts with people that don´t own the OrgPlus software.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It is free.
  • It allows to use the information contained in the charts, even if you don´t own OrgPlus 9


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